Professional Car Seat Cleaning Melbourne

Get your car seats refreshed and free from stains, germs and bacteria . Car seat cleaning is serious stuff – caked-on food, coffee, milk and other substances can make the fabric of your car seat sticky and full of germs, mould and bacteria. An average car seat has twice as many germs and bacteria as a toilet (yuck!), so let us give that grimy car seat a real deep clean.

Our steam cleaning method allows us to flush out bacteria, dirt and other sticky substance from the seat fabric, leaving the fabric soft and residue free.

Our cleaning package includes the following

  • Full vacuum of interior including seats, carpet and mats.
  • Steam cleaning the seats and headrests (hot water extraction)
  • Steam Cleaning the floor carpet and mats
  • Entire boot area steam cleaned
  • Deodorising the entire car

Call us today to get your car upholstery cleaned and refreshed.


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