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Xpert Cleaning Solutions offers professional carpet cleaning services in Frankston, Melbourne using the world’s most advanced truckmounted carpet cleaning equipment coupled with certified, experienced staff to give you the carpet cleaning results you always desire .No matter what fabric in the carpet might be, it can be either tufted, woven, shag pile or anything else.

We follow the cleaning procedure published by The I.I.C.R.C. (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification) for Professional Cleaners that include the following steps –
Our 9 Step carpet Cleaning Process
Step 1: Pre-Inspection : Our technician will inspect the carpet with you through your home and identify any areas that need extra attention and also discuss any furniture items to be moved. After identifing the condition and type of the carpet , we can select the specific carpet cleaning formula to be used to clean your carpet in Frankston, Melbourne.
Step 2: Pre-Vacuum : Dry Soil Removal – Thorough vacuuming using an commercial upright vacuum with rotating brush agitation and high-efficiency collection filter, to remove up to 99% of soil and particles at 1 micron.
Step 3: Pre-Conditioning Traffic Areas : Our specialized cleaning formula breaks down the dirt, oils and other sticky substances that actually attract more dust and bacteria. Once these things have been loosened from the carpet fibers, they are now ready to be rinsed and extracted away using our powerful truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine in Frankston, Melbourne.
Step 4: Pre-Treat stains: Some stains require special treatment and special care for complete removal and to avoid “setting” the stain permanently.
Step 5: Pre-Agitate Your carpet will be agitated with a carpet groomer or rotary scrubbing machine (depending on soil level) to further loosen the soils in traffic areas.
Step 6: Hot Water Extraction and Rinse : After the pre-spray has been allowed sufficient dwell time we will extract your carpet using the hot water extraction method also known as Steam Cleaning with our high powered industrial grade truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine. Our rinse is specially formulated to leave your carpet and upholstery residue free so it stays cleaner longer and feels softer. Because of the high powered machine we are able to do a more thorough rinsing of the carpet, while getting the carpet dry faster with our truck-mounted vacuum system.
Step 7: Specialty Spotting :On some occasions, spots will not be removed during the main cleaning process. We will then incorporate specialty spot cleaning techniques to ensure that all the unwanted stains are removed from the carpet.
Step 8: Post Grooming : Grooming is needed to eliminate pile distortion and matting, to properly distribute additives, such as carpet protectors, and to create an even appearance for your inspection.
Step 9:Speed Drying Process : This process is used before applying the carpet protector . We do not want the carpet staying wet for long after applying carpet protection , which is why we incorporate a speed drying process to dry it off. We use high velocity air movers to assist in drying .
Carpet Protection in Frankston, Melbourne – Keep your carpet cleaner, fresher, brighter longer:
Our carpet protector leave behind a strong stain protection barrier that pushes spills away from fibers. Fresh stains can be cleaned up easily with just water . Request Carpet protector to keep your carpet and rug look cleaner for longer.
Benefits of applying carpet protector –
• Protect carpets against both oil and water based stains.
• Helps carpet fibers resist from soiling
• Helps spills to blot up before they can become stains
• Helps stains removal more easy when carpet is cleaned
• Helps carpet stay clean and fresh longer
• Makes vacuuming more effective
• Prevents the spread of unwanted bacteria and germs
• Effective against fruit drinks, soft drinks and frozen fruit treats